The suprise attack on Agrabah was a major plan for the villains to gain control of the city. It backfires due to Aladdin and the Shell Lougers meddling.


Wedding proposals for Jasmine have been rejected earlyier by Jasmine, including Jafar and Prince Ali. Later that night, Aladdin takes Jasmine for a carpet ride around Agrabah, while Banzai proposes to Shenzi but fails.


It starts with a gaint Cobra of Cynder's appearing from the waters. It tries to kill Squidward and Spongebob, but TIgress protects them by kicking into the water.

The terror bird then appears to wreck havoc on the squad, but the hyenas and furious five hit it from all directions causing it to retreat.

Spongebob and Patrick taunt at the defeated monsters, until the komodo dragon roars indefintely the duo. They drive with the Patty Wagon away from the monster as it gains speed and chases them. Spongebob and Patrick then jump off. At that point, The Serpent Lord eats up the Komodo Dragon, killing it to the duo's gasping.

Plankton then appears to order the Louge's surrender. Krabs thought he had grass, but really they are plankton's minions. Plankton and his friends, along with the space pirates, Malenificent's minions, Shadow demons, Zira, Tai Lung, foosas, alien clones, Audrey 2, and the Anaconda charge into the fray. A brawl ensues.

Aladdin had just got back after dropping of Jasmine, but is captured by Malenificent and her minions along with Jafar and Iago. They then order his execution into the waters. Scroop knocks him unconscious and throws him into the waters. Crane, who was released by the Hyenas who avoided capture, is able to rescue Aladdin from the waters and after that Aladdin and his allies head to confront Jafar.


The battle continues in Jasmine's room. Refer to the article for more details.

jasmine's room showdown with Audrey 2.

Battle of Agrabah

Moisode: Spongebob and friends meet Aladdin


  • Shell Louge Squad Victorious
  • Villain plan backfired

Shell Louge Squad Villain League






Dr. Faciler



Shell Louge Squad


Dark Cynder's Monsters

Villain leage forces

Shell Louge Squad briefly captured, later prevails anyway.

Plan back fired:

  • Three monsters of Dark Cynder lost.
  • The rest of the villains are presumed retreated
  • Jafar arrested
  • Audrey 2 and Facilier

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