Rourke's Shocktroopers

Rourke's shocktroopers serve as his elite minions in Atlantis the Lost Empire. They also serve as minions to the Villain League, because behind their gas masks, they are actually humainoid heartless troopers. Most of their numbers were destroyed in the final battle between the Atlanteans and the Treasure Thieves. Actselly more intelligent then normal heartless, having the ability to utilize guns, and other forms of weaponery. Even when many of them were destroyed, they always seemed to multply, proving that they are not human. They also have speech capabilities, contrary to a popular belief. However, they often prefer to stay silent. Also, defferent then most world themed heartless, they are not dependent of the world they haul from, making them able to travel to aid the villain leage, provited if summoned by Rourke, or Zira when she is most angered. they may also be hybreds of a human, and a heartless, of a creater currently unknown, but some say Mirage, others, results of heartless entering Atlantis, maybe even projects of Malefor, or created exspeariments of a deranged sciencetest not yet encountered.

A shocktrooper mans a turret.

What is rarely known is that originally, the shocktroopers used to all be human. They used to be the unmasked crew of the Ulysses, but after the Leviathan destroyed most of their numbers in the attack on the ship, Rourke secretly sicced the shadow demons on the remaining crew, stealing their hearts and transforming them into Neoshadows, then giving them gas masks to disguise themselves. This was not shown on camera, causing the sudden shift from unmasked soldiers to gas mask heartless is and can be very confusing for one particular user.

The Shocktroopers, before submitting and putting on the gas masks. (Note: Milo is not a Shocktrooper)

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