Viume Phyarse

Viume Roorbe Phyarse

Viume R. Phyarse is an Alternate UUniversal Raccox from Planet Zirciania. He was born in a rich family and was an outcast due to his egotism and constant bragging. But all this egotism leads to him doing terrible things, but one crosses the line. He commits a crime, and is soon to be punished for it. He avoids it by running away, and grows up with The Bounty Hunter Consortium and learns to forget the incident. But while he was a good assassin, he still has the ego. He tries to get first base with Slala Bleem even though she loves Xrandy, and wants to be the best bounty hunter in the consortium instead of Xrandy. This will eventually lead to him going too far than he already did.


Viume was born in a rich family on the planet Zirciania. Even at a young age, he was a greedy person. His egotism eventually followed him into school, where he was considered an outcast because his constant bragging left him to have no friends of his own, yet he believes that he doesn't need friends when he can take care of himself. His egotism constantly leads to him doing bad things. He demands a lot of things such as having bullies punished for annoying him to the point where he tried to attack them by throwing books down the stairs, how he wanted to be in a school pangza party (pangza is a food similar to pizza), and even when he was constantly getting pushed around for wanting to win in gymnastics class. Viume was just not special in any sense.

When Viume became 17, his egotism was still shining through, and he was still hated. So much so that he was denied for every job he could find. So he made a bad choice to force people of money without 'actually stealing it'. So he decided to steal someone's pet in order to manipulate them into offering a reward for it's return. He disguised himself as another person to return the pet, and he was given $200. However, before he could leave, his disguise was revealed and he was caught. As a result, the pet-owner ultimately realized that he was the one who kidnapped the pet, and was threatened with jailtime for it. He was eventually forced to knock out the pet-owner, as well as the pet, and flee the scene. Though he didn't realize that someone was watching this and called the authorities, ultimately leading to his parents finding out, and even though he begged his parents to help him, they refused to teach him a lesson.

Angry that his family 'abandoned' him, he escaped from confinement and had thought about fleeing to the underground levels of Zirciania, but since that would be the first place they would look, he fled the planet by stealing a spaceship. He became a wanted person and the AUU began searching for him. He was hiding in the lowest underground levels of Narene where he was sure he wouldn't be found. This somehow impressed Lik-Lick Tick Blick to the point where he decided to make him a member of the Bounty Hunter Consortium. He was taught 2 martial arts during his time, and learned how to properly use weapons. Though Lik started to have his doubts on inviting him since his egotism was still apparent. Especially since he was seen trying to propose to Slala Bleem in marriage, yet was denied the chance because she was already in love with Xrandy. Furious, Viume and Xrandy began growing into fierce rivals.

This rivalry for Slala kept growing every month until it was time for the yearly arena event where one would compete and become the trademark bounty hunter. Viume realized that he could use this to his advantage in winning Slala's heart. He begins scolding Xrandy and brags about how he would win the golden heart of Slala. The two began competing in the arena and both ended up going into the finals when battling against the other recruits. Their rivalry began to grow during the breaks, and Viume decides to challenge Xrandy into an illegal street race so he can trick him into 'treating Slala like a trophy'. Xrandy ends up winning, and while Viume was able to get this far, it was resolved surprisingly quickly by Slala knowing males like Viume before from her planet and knowing better than to take 'barf-flags' like Vlume seriously, and accused him of 'thinking she was stupid enough to not figure it out'. After the two argue, Slala decides to just teach Viume a lesson by betting that whoever won the finals would win her, knowing that no matter what he did, he would lose the bet.

In the finals, Xrandy and Viume battled against each other in the fights of their lives. Viume was able to win through his adrenaline rushes and lust for Slala, and was taken back by Xrandy using his own egotism against him, causing him to lose the finals and the bet, and when Xrandy and Slala became a couple, Viume swore vengeance against Xrandy. Since then, Viume has constantly been trying to break the two apart so he can step in and steal her from him with little success. Even today, he is still being declared the worst bounty hunter in the Consortium, yet Lik refused to fire him since he was still a successful bounty hunter when he's NOT wasting time trying to earn the affection of a girl that's clearly not into him.


Being a canine, Viume has good smell, sight, and hearing, as well as the ability to see in the dark, allowing him to accurately tell the position of his enemies. He has learned Tueintsu (A Zoian version of Ninjitsu) and Djiem Malo (A Crinathashan martial art specializing in dodging/blocking powerful attacks and accurate attacks). His knowledge of Djiem Malo is the reason why he wears less armor, because there's little chance that he can be hit even by common Original UUniversal bullets.

Viume's belt contains pockets for storing sticky plasma grenades, flame grenades, and flash-bang grenades, and it also has an ISD (Infinite-Storage Device) to allow him to carry up to 3 weapons: a CGS1A Coil Pistol, a Huncus M870E5 Ray Rifle, and a GL800D 'Glood' Mini Grenade Launcher for him to launch his grenades at a range farther than he can throw them. He also has several equipment in one of his pockets including a hacking device, a compactable grappling hook, and a proton whip that can be used to grab and restrain running opponents from a maximum range of 5 yards.

He drives a spaceship named the Nemesis, which he created specifically to be 'better than Xrandy's ship'. It has 4 laser cannons with the same two kinds of firepower as the Black Sun, and 2 heat-seeking missile launchers. It also carries a double-powered deflector shield which he got from Slala's ship. His ship is environmentally friendly due to being an electric ship that needs charging every space travel. It travels through 4 atomic thrusters, and while it doesn't contain a cloaking device like the Black Sun, it has a tracking function that allows it to nullify cloaking devices.

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