Maleficent Minion-2


"Halt! No Fairies or Sorcerors allowed here! Yup! Huh Huh."

Voort is one of Makeficent's goons. Voort first makes the appearance in Maleficent's castle where she asks him and his team where did they search 16 years, trying to find a baby Auroa. This makes Maleficent angry when His team of minions did not ever find the baby Auroa in 16 years. She then punishes them by brutally zapping them with her staff. He resembles a short\fat pig-like goblin with a medevil black gown, clawed webbed feet, greenish skin, yellow eyes, black hair worn by a spiked-helmet, and he has 3 fingers on each hand. His weapon of choice is a halberd. He is also Malecent's general of her army and 2-in-command. After Maleficent was defeated and killed by Prince Filiip, Flora captured him and turned him into a stone-statue when he was trying to flee the castle and escape.

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