Wain the Gecko

Wain Jamey Riccardo the Nerdy Gecko

Wain J. Riccardo is a nerdy Tokay Gecko and was one of Bill's high-school friends. He's got the same kind of nerdiness and voice as Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, and thus he is scientifically and socially awkward. Even though on some occasions he does stupid things, he also does lots of scientific breakthroughs. However, since Team Nefarious pretends to be a highly reguarded clinic to offer Wain to inject a drug into his body that they said will improve him, when in reality, it's actselly an experimental increased intelligence drug that also has a fatal side effect, and ever since the Lodgers rescued him, he had to move to Wonderland. Wain has been one of the only inhabitants that hasn't been as mad as the rest of the inhabitants, creating several inventions, and still being socially awkward to the people of Wonderland, which strangely makes him hilarious to the normally mad people of Wonderland.


Coming soon...

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