White Witch Jadis

The White Witch Jadis

The White Witch Jadis is the main villain from the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. She was the last Queen of Charn and the most infamous Queen of Narnia. Originally from the World of Charn, she was accidentally brought to the World of Narnia, and although banished to the North by the great lion Aslan, she returned 900 Narnian-years later when she usurped power from the royal family of Narnia. As a curse upon her Narnian subjects, she began the Long Winter, thus earning her the title, the "White Witch" She magically forced Narnia into a hundred-year state of frozen snow and ice during her reign. Her cruelty eventually evoked the Narnians into an triumphant uprising known as the Winter Revolution.

Biography [1]Edit


[3]Jadis' Ancestors, the Royal family of Charn Added by Bill BirdbittleJadis was born half-Jinn, half-Giant in the world of Charn. Very little is known about her childhood or early adult life. It is known, however, that she begun to practice witchcraft in her own world and delved into dark magic, beyond what was considered proper. She apparently discovered a magic spell that her ancestors had hidden long before, strong enough to destroy all living things. This was known as the Deplorable Word, and was Jadis' greatest weapon.

As a member of the royal family, she became engaged in a global power struggle with her own sister as the two fought to become queen of their worldwide empire. At the beginning of this war, there was a clear agreement made to prohibit the use of magic though, according to Jadis herself, her sister broke this promise. The final battle of the conflict lasted three days during which Jadis' forces were slaughtered completely by those of her sister until Jadis stood alone within her palace. As her sister climbed the palace terrace toward her, Jadis, rather than surrender, suddenly spoke the Deplorable Word. Charn instantly became a desolate world where all living organisms perished instantly. By default, Jadis became queen.

With no living creatures left to rule over, Jadis placed a spell on herself that would preserve herself seated statuesquely beside the images of other nobles in her palace's Hall of Images. This spell would last until the an occasion that someone rang the small bell located in the Hall. [4]Jadis awakened Added by Bill BirdbittleIn this state she remained for unknown centuries until the bell was struck by two human children who had accidentally arrived in her world. Upon being awoken, she demanded the name of the magician who had sent for her. The boy who had woken her, Digory Kirke, told her that Andrew Ketterley, his uncle, was a magician from Earth. He and his companion, Polly Plummer, were then forced to take Jadis with them back to their own world, by a combination of physical force and Jadis's charms, which she used to manipulate Digory.

Journey to Earth[5]Edit

On their journey they traveled through the Wood between the Worlds. There Jadis strangely appeared much uglier and even paler and had difficulty breathing the air, seeming suddenly weakened. The three passed on again. They all landed in Earth back at the house of Digory's uncle, Andrew Ketterley in England (in Earth-year 1900). Jadis seemed revitalised and, upon meeting him, realised that Andrew was only a very minor magician, and his abilitie[6]Jadis in London Added by Bill Birdbittles nothing compared to hers. Andrew succumbed to her wishes in fright and acted as her slave. Jadis began plotting her takeover of Earth, only to discover that much of her magic would not work in another world. Nonetheless, she began causig mayhem by mere force and intimidation, causing Andrew's sister Letty, in confusion, to contact the local police.

Jadis, meanwhile had attacked several people, robbed a jewelery store, and announced her intentions of world domination to the people of London, causing tumult. She had also stolen a cab and cabhorse, which she mounted after crashing the cab, using it as a chariot. As police closed in, Jadis pulled an iron bar off of a lamppost and began striking out with it. The fight went on for several minutes until young Digory and Polly, by use of Andrew's magic, managed to drag her back into the Wood Between the Worlds. In the process, they inadvertently dragged the cabhorse, the cabdriver, and Uncle Andrew with them.

By another accident, all six were removed from the Wood and carried not back into Charn, but into yet another new world: the unborn world of Narnia.

Early Narnia [7]Edit

This new world was completely dark when they arrived. Then a voice began to sing and light appeared along with the Great Lion, Aslan, marking the beginning of Narnian-year 1. The lion's song created life all around them including grass, trees, and flowers growing abruptly from the ground. Jadis, understanding of and disturbed by the sight of the dawning of life on a new planet, approached Aslan and hurled the lantern piece at him; he seemed unaffected as it struck him, landing in the ground and thus growing into a fresh new lamp-post as if it were a blossoming new tree. Jadis, unable to manipulate the situation any longer, and realising she ahd arrived in a world which did not yet contan evil, fled, leaving her companions behind in the new world.

Jadis was indeed the first evil to enter Narnia, and her corruption would impact it for years to come. She became aware shortly afterwards that Aslan intended to plant a powerful tree in Narnia which would keep her away forever. She also learned that Digory was the one chosen to plant the tree. An intrigued Jadis made her own way to the garden containing the tree. There, she plucked and greedily ate a silver apple of the Tree of Youth, thus becoming immortal. Upon Digory's arrival, she tried to persuade him to not plant the tree that would lead to herr banishment: first, by encouraging him to eat the fruit himself, telling him that it would make him alive and young forever, and they could control Narnia together. Second, to give the fruit to his dying mother instead, assuring him that it would cure her of her illness. Digory was able to resist both temptations, and even rebuffed her angrily. After his refusal, Jadis immedately set out toward the north, far from Narnia and the Tree of Protection.

For 900 years, Jadis lived in the Wild Lands of the North, biding her time and gathering her forces for a great attack on Narnia. During this time, she devised a new magic wand, which would give her the power to turn anyone into stone. Jadis is known to have worked at other magical spells and inventions during this time as well.

After the Tree of Protection died, Jadis at last returned to the Kingdom of Narnia and in year 900, she conquered the land and named herself Queen of Narnia. She immediately put her centuries of magical study to work, fabricating a perpetual climate of snow and ice throughout the Kingdom, which not only oppressed the Narnian citizens but also ensured that no more silver apple trees could be grown.

The Hundred Year Winter[8]Edit

[9]Her Imperial Majesty, Jadis, Queen of Narnia Added by WolfdogFor one hundred years of Jadis's reign, the seasons of spring, summer, and autumn were extinct during this Long Winter; she also famously banned the celebration of Christmas. Jadis became known among the Narnians as the White Witch and quickly secured an absolutist control over the nation, establishing the first Narnian Secret Police and building herself a palace. She abolished any judicial system, merely punishing all of her political enemies by turning them into stone and decorating their statuesque figures in her palace courtyard. The Witch also banned any humans from Narnia. This was done in retaliation to the Golden Age Prophecy, which stated that she would someday be overthrown by four human boys and girls. In year 1000, Jadis happened upon a young human in Narnia. After inviting him to sit with her, Jadis learned that he was, indeed, one of the children foretold in the prophecy, though he did not yet know it. His name, h said, was Edmund Pevensie, and he was the third of four children from the world of Earth. Edmu[10]Jadis and Edmund Added by Bill Birdbittlend also informed her that his sister Lucy had previously visited Narnia. Jadis learnt that one of her own spies, called Tumnus, had been harboring the human. Jadis used her magic to exploit Edmund's weakness and persuade him to come and see her again, bringing all of his siblings.

Soon after, Tumnus was arrested by the secret police and turned into stone for his treachery against the Witch. Edmund and his siblings returned to Narnia, but once young Lucy and her elders, Peter and Susan, discovered that he was gone, they became very cautious, and instead of going with Edmund to see Jadis, they stopped with a Beaver couple to discuss the fate of the Faun Tumnus. Edmund then left them to see Jadis and tell her that he had brought his siblings and she had only to come and see them.

With all her potential victims in place, Jadis took Edmund prisoner and moved to arrest the other three humans. The Beavers and other members of the Narnian Resistance, however, had warned them and fled.

At this same time, word began to travel that Aslan, the Great Lion, had returned to Narnia, signaling the end of Jadis' days. The ecstatic Narnians, mostly comprising talking beasts, inspired by the return of their lord and the leadership of the Pevensies, rose into rebellion in the Winter Revolution. With no other choice left to her, Jadis prepared to go to war.

Winter Rebellion[11]Edit

[12]Jadis makes plans Added by Bill BirdbittleThe War began, thus, in Spring of the year 1000. Jadis' power weakened with the return of Aslan and of spring. Growing desperate, she chose to cut her losses and execute Edmund herself, thus preventing the fateful prophecy from coming completely true. She was interrupted, however, when Narnian soldiers stormed her encampment, following her own soldiers back from their retreat at the the Battle of Aslan's Camp. Jadis and her personal dwarf escaped by magic, but Aslan's forces still made off with Edmund. Jadis immediately switched tack to prepare for battle. Having already summoned all her soldiers, she launched a twofold plan; on the one hand, to prepare for an all-out military conflict, and on the other, to negotiate to weaken her enemies before the war. She had one powerful weapon which could be used to the second end; her legal [13]Jadis in Aslan's Camp Added by Bill Birdbittleclaim over Edmund Pevensie's life.

Jadis traveled to Aslan's camp to present her claim and to retake Edmund. Aslan, acknowledging her right, chose to negotiate with her. Unbeknownst to anyone in his own forces, Aslan chose to offer his own life in return. Jadis accepted, and a battle date was set for the following morning. That night, Jadis and her armies took possession of the high ground at the Stone Table, where she was to sacrifice Aslan.

[14]Aslan's death Added by Bill BirdbittleAslan appeared, as planned, and after allowing her forces to humiliate and torture him, Jadis spoke a few words to him in private, reminding him that without his power, the four new kings and queens would never survive. After stabbing him in the heart, she and her armies left to return to camp and arm up. The following morning, Jadis engaged in combat against the newly made Prince Peter i[15]Jadis in battle Added by Bill Birdbittlen the First Battle of Beruna. Her wand made her almost invincible, though the Narnians fought well against her. At the height of the conflict, the boy Edmund, now a prince, smashed through several of her guards and destroyed the wand, becoming gravely wounded in the process. Shortly thereafter, Jadis engaged in a direct combat with Peter himeself. In the midst of their duel, Aslan arrived with reinforcements, having come back to life by his own magic.

Upon arriving, Aslan leapt on Jadis. She was presumably killed at once.

Role in the series

In Spyro encounters the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the White Witch reprises her role from the movie, but is now a member of the Villain League, being one of Mirage's old friends before she became a Dark Spawn Lord.