Willie brothers

The Willies

The Willie Brothers are Alameda Slim's minions and nephews in Home on the Range.

Role in the film[1]Edit

The Willie brothers don't seem to be very evil in the slightest. Just dumb and not very bright. they're not malicious like their uncle and don't possess any evil intention to be like him. but the brothers do have some level of endurance, such as withstanding multiple slaps and hits from Slim and seemingly recovering from kicked by Slim's boot. though it took only a horse shoe, bonks on the head very hard, and a good kick from buck to knock them out.

Role in the series

The Willie Brothers reprise their role from the film. while not at first planed to become team nefarious members, when Scroopfan first read this very article, it gave him a full bond exuse to have them return one way or another. That is, until he stuck them anyway as Villain Leaguers in Looney Tunes: Back in Action. thogh, that does not mean they'll briefly become Team Nefarious members before Slim's return, Scroopfan won't say what, exsactly.

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