Mr. Winkie

Winkie is the main villain from the Wind in the Willows, and is a member of Team Nefarious.


The Wind in the Willows

Winkie is a wily barman who keeps a tavern that the weasels visit the day Toad decides to try and barter with them for their stolen motorcar. With no money, Toad, playing right into the hands of the sneaky weasels, offers a trade: Toad Hall for the motorcar. Winkie signs the drawn-up contract as a witness. When Toad is brought to court, he calls Winkie as a witness to corroborate the seemingly-outrageous account of that day, certain that he'll get him off the hook, and even goes so far as to elaborate on his so-called "unimpeachable honesty". However, Winkie turns traitor on Toad by implicating him as trying to sell him the stolen motorcar. Toad is subsequently sent to prison.

On Christmas Day, when Toad escapes and rejoins his friends, MacBadger arrives to tell them that the weasels have gathered at Toad Hall for a raucous party, with their ringleader being none other than Winkie, in possession of the Hall's deed. So, that night, the four friends invade Toad Hall via a secret passage and try to make off with the deed while Winkie and the weasels are in a drunken slumber, ending up as a dangerous chase and game of "keep away" between each other (the animation of which being very similar to the rescue of Mowgli from King Louie and the monkeys in The Jungle Book). In the end, the friends escape, Toad in possession of the deed. What becomes of Winkie and the weasels is not seen, but it can be theorized that, after Toad's name was cleared, they were sent to prison.

Role in the series

Mr. Winkie has not appeared yet to battle Spongebob, or be recruited yet by Dr. Nefarious. It is also unconfirmed when he will actually appear. however, any reasonfor he recrution would be due to the fact he's rich, cause of his fansy suit.

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