The Wu Sisters

The Wu sisters are a trio of leopard sisters described by Po as "the most feared and notorious villains who ever terrorized China." They originally started out as early conceptual characters for Kung Fu Panda,[1] but instead appeared as henchmen-for-hire in the Kung Fu Panda video games, and later as the main antagonists in Secrets of the Masters.



In Secrets of the MastersEdit

SPOILER ALERT! Plot and/or ending details follow below. (Skip section)[1]Added by SpottedstarPo shared the story of the Wu sisters after seeing the Sarcophagus of Su Wu in the collection at the Masters' Council exhibit. He told how they were known as the greatest and most diabolical villains of their time, and that they had brought Masters Rhino, Ox and Croc together.

The leader of the Wu sisters, Su Wu, was locked away until her sisters, Wing Wu and Wan Wu, freed her from her prison. They escaped to their volcano fortress and soon devised plans to unite the most dangerous gangs to establish a criminal empire and take over China. Their plan was stopped by Rhino, Ox and Croc, who had worked together to defeat the leopard sisters. End spoilers===In Kung Fu Panda: The GameEdit=== [2]The Wu sisters about to attack PoAdded by SpottedstarPo ended up stumbling into their base camp when fleeing with the Dragon Scroll. When he runs into them and asks them for directions, they think he is spying on their camp and attack him. Po manages to defeat them and claims a map that will direct him back to the Jade Palace.

In Legendary WarriorsEdit

The Wu sisters return and attack the players while Tai Lung targeted Master Crane. They ended up defeated by the players.


The Wu sisters appear to be mischievous, taunting, and sinister, acting as enemies who fought against Po and other Kung Fu heroes in the video games. In Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors, they were servants of Tai Lung who obeyed his every word, calling him "master" as they aided him in his plans.

Fighting StyleEdit

[3]Added by SpottedstarAs displayed in the Kung Fu Panda video games, the Wu sisters stick together and roll around to attack. Each sister wields a chakram-like weapon that has three blades.

In Secrets of the Masters, their fighting style is shown to be a signature, collaborative move of their own design. Claws unsheathed, they attach themselves at their tails and spin at a rapid pace, creating a swirling vortex that can crush, slice, and ultimately destroy any obstacle and disarm any opponent. However, Ox discovered that when they are detached from each other, they can be defeated more easily. This was the only known weakness to the Wu sisters' attack.

Role in the series

In the Spongebob series, the Wu Sisters are have not of yet been choosen by any villain teams.

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