Blake Trenton Hoskins
Xenon 2
Vital statistics
Title Xenon, Dr. Hoskins, Co-CEO of Dragon Realms Mega-Sci Corp
Gender Male
Race/Species Green Iguana (Iguana iguana) (Formerly)
Faction Mega-Sci Corp
Description Mutant, Intelligent
Skills and Abilities Enhanced Healing Factor, Intoxicating Sting Venom, Agility, Super-Strength, Semi-Aquatic, Super-Speed, Super-Endurance, Gliding Retractable Structures, Paralyzing Sticky Spitting Slime, Armored Hide, Color-Changing Abilities
Status Alive, Mutant Vigilante, Married to Kate Jenkins
Location Dragon Realms
  • Eagle City (Hometown and Previous Workplace)
  • New York City (Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Blake T. Hoskins, AKA Xenon, is an iguana mutant who resides in the Dragon Realms. He was once a green iguana scientist who intended to create a serum that would improve surviving capabilities, only for it to fail and result in him turning into a monster. Since his horrific transformation, he's been feared and teased by his old friends, and doesn't have enough food to satisfy himself. Which is why he had no choice but to steal the food. But his misery was just getting started. He was being hunted by McLeach, who was hired by the Villain League to capture him for Blowhole's experiments. Little do they know that Xenon is going through 5 mutative phases lasting 5 years which will eventually lead to his death. Though when he finally gained the cure thanks to the assistance of the Shell Lodge Squad, he still retained his new abilities, and became a vigilante.


Xenon Blake

Blake before transformation

Blake Hoskins was an iguana scientist that was on the verge of creating medicines that would change the UUniverses forever. He created many successful medicines in his lifetime and was very popular for them, changing the lives of many people in the UUniverses. He made lots of money with these new medicines. Then one day, he decided to create a medicine that would improve the survival of a patient, and thus, create a new species. He took many genes of different animals, and added them to the new medicine. He was on the verge of testing it, and create a very new and successful race. He tested the medicine on a rat, and it became a new and more advanced creature of amazing intellect. Yet he didn't notice that the medicine's effects had 5 phases until they affect the metabolism of the patient, causing death.

Before he was allowed to introduce the medicine to the public, he had to test it on himself. He injected the medicine in himself, and became a more advanced creature. However, the people were disgusted and afraid of this transformation, and immediately shut down his company. Hoskins thought everything would be fine until his only friends abandoned him. Hoskins never appreciated what he had done, and wanted to find a way to cure himself, unaware of the 5 phase effects of the medicine. He took his pet mutated rat, and went back home. All his neighbors feared him then, and picked on him.

Hoskins knew he had hope until he found his rat dead. That was when he knew that something was wrong with the medicine. He returned to his shut down company to find all his research still there. He did some research on the medicine's effects, and found out about the 5-Phase effect. He was horrified to find out that this effect caused death. In a small creature like his rat, the phases occured each 5 days. But when Hoskins done a genetic scan on himself, he noted that his 5 phases will occur in 5 years. He then realized that he needed to create a cure and fast. However, before he could do it, the police caught him inside his shut down lab, and attacked him. They intended to arrest him and put him in jail, but the growing anger made him feral, and he killed the cops savagely. But he never got the chance to make the cure because he was teargassed and taken out of the building.

He woke up inside a jail cell, and was informed that he was staying for 15 years. Hoskins had no way to break free until he remembered that he had incredible abilities that allowed him to escape and search for his lab, only to find that it had been destroyed, along with his only hope for a cure. And with his only hope for a cure lost, Xenon had spent years searching for an alternative cure.

3 years later, and Xenon is in his 4th phase, the Villain League had discovered his existence, and has put McLeach in charge of hunting him down for experimentation. McLeach continuously went after Xenon, and each time, he lost. Xenon was just too elusive. So the Villain League decided to create a special trapping device to catch Xenon for good. When Xenon gets to his 5th phase a year later, he still has no hope of finding a cure. But he must find one fast, and find a way to be safe from McLeach.

Phases and Abilities

  • Phase 1- Hoskins goes into this phase first when he's mutated in the accident. In this phase, he is his normal size, he becomes a digitigrade (walks on his toes), his hands become talons that can severely wound anyone they swipe, and his tail becomes shorter. His regeneration ability is upgraded, he gains a long sticky tongue, and he gains incredible agility. His 5 senses are also upgraded. He also has the ability to scale walls using Van der Waals forces like a gecko.
  • Phase 2- Hoskins' DNA is altering at an alarming rate. His tail is enlongating, he grows a bit bigger, his limbs get longer, he gets a more tougher hide, and he gets a stinger on his tail. His reflexes increase, he gains the ability to camouflage to his surroundings by using chromatophores, and he also gains the ability to spit venom that paralyzes it's target instantly.
  • Phase 3- Hoskins grows bigger, his tail returns to it's normal length, he grows armor as hard as a clam shell, and he gains the ability to sense his surroundings without actually seeing it. His physical strength increases, and his reflexes increase. He even becomes amphibious, allowing him to live underwater.
  • Phase 4- Hoskins' strength, agility, reflexes, size, and running speed increase. His tail gets longer, his hide gets thicker, and he gains night-vision. His digitigraded feet have evolved to grab horizontal poles like a chameleon. His razor-sharp teeth, claws, and tail stinger have also gained the ability to regenerate when broken off.
  • Phase 5- Hoskins is close to death, but he is able to survive better. His size increases, his tail length decreases, his reflexes are extremely fast, and he gains incredible speed that allows him to move faster than a cheetah, and react quicker to his environment. He also gets retractable wings that allow him to fly, and swim really fast. All his others abilities make him an unstoppable creature that will eventually lose control of his conscious, and become a feral monster.
  • Normal/Monster Phase- This is what Xenon looks like when he finally gets cured. However, after he gets cured, he still has his monster form, and powers, but with a different look because the medicine's monster effect had become permanent.