This is when Spyro prepares to Battle Xemnas in the Word that Never Was after he refuses to become the last of Master Xehanort's vessels and says his friends and family are his true power.

Xemnas: You're way out of your league
You've more then met your match

Spyro: I guess you're slowing down, old man,
can't hit what you can't catch

Xemnas: Soon all of the worlds will know the genius of Mang's plan.

Spyro: I will find a way to stop him
any way I can!

Xemnas: You're such a goody two-shoes,
it's more fun being bad.

Spyro: I'm not gonna side with Xehanort,
he's stark raving mad!

Xemnas: Oh yeah? Then prehaps you should ask your sister.

Spyro: That's all in the past!

Xemnas: Listen to me, purple boy:
Nice guys finish last!

Both: Oh no!

Spyro: You just cant win!

Xemnas: Your not that strong!

Spyro: I'll make Xehanort pay for his sins!

Xemnas: You got it all wrong!
You just can't win!

Spyro: I'm going to fight you now!

Xemnas: Your chances to stop us are slim!

Spyro: No more fooling around!

Both: Let the battle begin!
You just can't win!

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