Yucky is Icky's butthole sister that made Icky's childhood lousy at best. As Icky lead his path with Dil, Yucky traveled alone. With no Dinosuchus to be aside with, Yucky was alone in her life, and was on the verge of starvation. She was not a good hunter, and it was hard for her to catch even a single fish. One day, she encountered the Soothsayer, and she was taken in as a pet to stay in the Soothsayer's home in the Province not too far from where Gongmen City is. The Soothsayer actually plans to reunite Yucky with Icky when the moment is right.


  • "Hey, Icky! I bet you can't last 10 minutes in the troposphere."
  • "I don't wanna take a bath!"
  • "I don't need that icky bird. I can take care of myself. Just watch!"

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